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MDF Door

Doors made of medium-density (MDF) lamited wood
Make surface and covered with natural veneer. For interior use, living room and bedroom.

The teak fantasy door is the mixed patterns between quarter and crown cut veneer. The beautiful teak veneer layup horizontally and vertically which gives the classic and timeless look. All teak fantasy doors are available with 30 minutes fire door option for safety added as well.

Beautiful crafted from reconstituted teak veneer, the character, style and quality really shine through in every aspect. We make it different from conventional series by increasing multi vertical and horizontal router lines in order to make these doors more modern.

Veneer-covered door.

Veneer-covered door with an Italian pattern on MDF

Factory Standard

CompositionSurface : Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)
Interior Structure : Honeycomb small Cell
Frame : Finger Joint
SizeWidth : 70, 80, 90, 100 cm
Height : 200 cm
Thickness : 3.5 cm

Sizes other than the standard one can be customized under 120 cm of length and 240 cm of height
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